Spring forward, fall down.

Last week...

Someone in the office: Is it this weekend the hour changes?
K: Yeah, the clocks go forward.
S: So we lose an hour?
Me: Ah, I'm confused.
P: Just remember 'Spring forward, Fall back'...
Me: Oh, I know that, I just thought it was October.


N: They're putting our rent up..
Me: When your lease is up in April?
N: Yeah, so we're looking around.
Me: Sure at least it's summer and you've time to look with the school holidays...

Later today...

Me: They haven't given you much notice then?
N: Not really, they only told us today.
Me: When do you pay your rent?
N: The 29th of the month.
Me: So they've given you two weeks?!

Is it any wonder I haven't written anything here since October...!!


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