My mechanic just joined Viber...

On Sunday as I reached the beginning of the pier again, I checked my phone and saw a notification that said 'Alan Mechanic has joined Viber' and sighed. 

Don't get me wrong I'm not a technophobe, I love my phone and its apps and I've been an avid user of the internet since 1998.

My first internet profile was the name of a Beanie baby, followed by an underscore, my favourite number, another underscore, my second favourite number, yet another underscore and the year. As I said it was 1998.

You know when login into your PC in work, and you're asked to change your password? It's 9:01am, you haven't drained your coffee yet, words and thoughts can't form and so you end up changing it to stapler1? It was kind of like that. 

Though of course, in reality, you have to include an uppercase letter, a lowercase letter, a 7-digit number, a hieroglyphic and your mother's shoe size, and it can't be any word you've spoken out loud or in your head in the last 28 days.

My point is, is it getting a bit much? As I wonder if I can some how use the internet to turn on the lamp, so I don't have to get up. 

I've a line of apps on my phone that includes Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. Each serve a different purpose, a different need and outlet, and allow me to connect with, learn from or ignore different people.

For some it's a link to the outside world, if for whatever reason they can't go out into it. Whatever you're into yourself, I always say, and if you don't like it...!!

Sometimes though it feels like a second job, and I barely have the energy for the first one. So quit, give it up, log off? Maybe, but probably not.

In the meantime, maybe a cup of tea, a funsize Twix and a book.


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