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Sniffle snuffle.

Sniffle snuffle. Cough and splutter.

I have a cold. Not a life threatening or life altering thing, just annoying.

First a sore throat, then an earache, followed by a headache. It moved down into my chest, leaving me feeling like a small (but heavy) child was sitting on me.

Eventually, at 3.45am Saturday morning, it started to clear, amongst painful coughs and child-like tears of frustration at not being able to cough or sleep.

Three days later and it has taken over my senses, of smell, and taste.

They say you can't get the same cold twice. I didn't realise they meant you couldn't get the same cold two days in a row. A magical travelling circus of a cold, currently residing in the nasal passages. For one day only, I hope!

I fear it may be heading north for a grande finale of headachey proportions. But oh, to breathe normally again! To be able to walk for more than 15 minutes at a time, or run up stairs. 

Boring you, am I? Imagine how I bloody feel. Big grumpy snuffly hea…

Nothing to see here..

No really, there isn't. 
Work, gym, spending time with himself, Croke Park, MasterChef, Family Guy, cooking, cleaning, eating, drinking, sleeping.
That's about it really for the last month.
And now I have a cold! Stupid.