Fally down socks

There’s nothing worse than fally down socks. Ok, so there are actually lots of things worse, but for the purposes of today’s discussion there isn’t.

I don’t know what causes fally down socks, but they are such a pain and so random. You buy a packet of socks in a packet of three and the pair with the pink toes and heels falls down, but the plain pair and the blue toes and heels ones are fine. Sometimes it’s just one of the pair and it seems not to matter which foot it’s on, left or right, it’ll still slip down under your shoe and bunch up under your instep.

I think they’re worse on rainy days too, somehow affected by the damp? Making them swell or soften or something, to make them extra fally. Also, they’re worse on rainy days because you can’t put your bag on the ground while pulling them up or you have an umbrella to manoeuvre as you do so and you end up poking yourself in the eye or someone else in the behind.

You always mean to throw them out too, but you can’t bring yourself to it. You think maybe it’s the shoes and next time they won’t behave so fally downy? But they do and you still persevere thinking 'next time, next time they’ll behave' and they just laugh at you and mock you to their friend ‘odd sock whose match is bound to show up some day’.


  1. Oh no!! Fally down socks!! There's really nothing worse except maybe getting your eye pierced with a rusty nail, but that's only marginally more uncomfortable! :)

  2. Wooo! You're blogging! Well done! Love the blog so far.

    And yes, fally down socks are the worst. Particularly when it's only one that falls down and the other stays upright. Particularly annoying!

  3. thanks for the comments ladies, here's hoping for a staying up socks day tomorrow.

  4. Finally remembered I've not yet put this up for the second time... (we know what happened the first time). The reason you always end up wearing dagnabbity fally down socks over and over again is quite simple. There ain't no way in hell you're gonna chuck a pair of unwashed socks in the bin. That's just gross. So, they end up finding their way back into the sock drawer where, due to short-term memory loss issues, they get pulled out some morning as you are running late and they look like such a nice pair of socks and... Thus, the problem becomes self-perpetuating. Sad, but true.

  5. I know, somehow the thoughts of putting dirty socks in with rubbish seems absolutely disgusting. Broken eggshells, vegetable peelings, empty crisp packets, but not once worn socks!


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