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It's for you...

The phone rings, I answer 'hello', turning off the vacuum cleaner.

'what are you up to?'
'how was dinner last night?'
'good, really good'
'what'd you get up today?'
'nothing much, took it easy, did the housework, you?'
'the same, and watched the rugby'
'I didn't watch the rugby'
*stunned silence*
'I'm not that into the rugby'
'so what did you do today?'
'housework! grocery shopping, laundry, hoovering..!'
'you'd never be done'
'how long does it take to cook a chicken, an hour and a half?'
'no, two hours'
'I thought last time you said an hour and a half..? an hour covered and a half an hour uncovered?'
'I never said anything about covered and uncovered! two hours at 200!'
'200? mine's a fan oven?'
'so is mine, put it on for an hour covered with tin foil, then take off the tin foil for the last 45 minutes'
*stunned …