It’s my birthday and I’ll party if I want to..

It’s not my birthday, not yet, but there are a lot of birthdays going on at the moment. Three of my best friends’ birthdays are within 4 weeks of each other between April and May. Some celebrate, some don’t, for different reasons. I have to say I love a birthday party, always have, and support the right to party!
In Primary School there were 24 girls in my class so there was a nice, even spread of birthdays throughout the year. I was a bit of a tomboy usually found in a blue tracksuit, with a pink stripe, bombing it 'round on my red bike, but I loved to get dressed up in a frilly party dress and matching hair band. Not much has changed. 

Armed with a pink present, wrapped in pink paper, with a pink bow. Ready to eat cocktail sausages, monster munch, chipsticks, rice krispie buns, kimberleys and mikados. I never took to coconut creams. Playing pass the parcel, musical statues, musical chairs (basically a more violent adaptation) and winning amazing prizes like rubbers with rainbows printed on them. 

Not much has changed. I still love a birthday party. Celebrating someone making it through another year, celebrating the day they came to be. I think that's an important thing. Worthy of cake and candles, balloons, beers, or whatever makes you happy. I don't think you have to be under 12, 18 or 21, or a nice round number to celebrate. 

Last year I didn't really have a birthday. I went to work, it wasn't noticed. I called over to my parents' afterwards and had dinner with my Mum, Dad was away, and she had a muffin with a candle for me. That weekend I had pizza and beers at home with three good friends. The rest were away, on holidays, at weddings, at concerts or recently moved to London! 

This year I'm having a birthday. I don't know where and I don't know what, but there'll be cake and candles and whoever wants to celebrate with me.


  1. Ooh we should have hats, and squeakers, party poppers, maybe a bouncy castle. I swear i'm not planning your party!


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