How does your garden grow..?

With help from friends and a new found enthusiasm. 
This weekend, with the boy at work, a couple of good (green-fingered) friends came over and we tackled my garden.

After a precarious, sharp, left hand turn into the garden centre I set about loading my flat bed trolley, and banging my shins off it! Four 25L bags of top soil, three 75L bags of compost, two rolls of wooden pole things, slow release plant food, tomato food, baby bio, gloves, plants and more plants. I resisted temptation many times and stuck to the plan. 

No sooner were we home when the hunger got the better of me, and I escaped to get us some rolls to fill with various combinations of chicken, cheese, coleslaw and stuffing. Leaving my friends to plot and scheme and dig. After lunch we raided the neighbour's skip for bits of broken concrete, bricks and granite to use for drainage. Oh, it was an exciting afternoon.

We, and I use the term lightly, made a raised flower bed. Into which we planted some old plants and some new. Crocosmia, lavender, fuchsia, a trailing geranium, and ones we can only remember as the sambuca plant and the rohypnol plant, neither of which is correct. 

We swabbed the deck(ing), replanted the pots, put up a trellis and attached a new magic hose gun sprayer thing! We sent for more compost, we cleaned up, we stood back and marvelled at our day's work.

I now have a lovely little garden, which I am ridiculously excited about! If I can keep this going next year I'm planting things I can eat!  However, going on past performance, that's a very big if!


  1. And the wilted Christmas tree feature a thing of the past.

  2. Oh look at that, it lets me comment today. Now I've forgotten what i wanted to say. Being quite contrary myself i hope your garden does grow and next year we'll have silver bells and cockle shells to munch on.

  3. I can put the silver bells on next year's Christmas tree!


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