Fish fingers and strawberries

Since I last posted my life has pretty much returned to normal. 

The first week was a blur. Wake on Monday, removal Tuesday, funeral Wednesday and back to work on Thursday. On the Friday I was back on the road again for a confirmation, a welcome break, a chance to escape reality for few more days.

Last week was just a normal week, work, home, eating, sleeping. Of course it's not normal down in my Granny's. I'm not sure if it ever will be. A man lives in a house for 90 years, it'll surely take another 90 to be normal without him.

This evening I had fish fingers and waffles for dinner and some strawberries afterwards. The Irish strawberries have hit the shops, another sign of summer! 

I'm off from Thursday for a week. My plans include cleaning, tidying, throwing out stuff and getting things sorted. There's also talk of a picnic, a trip to the zoo, Tuesday evening drinks and maybe a trip on the DART on a weekday afternoon. Can't wait to turn off the alarm and see what time I wake and how the day goes.

It's getting me geared up for the real deal, the summer holidays. Two weeks off work, what to do? We've had the talk, our first holiday together, and are agreed! 

A week somewhere we don't speak the language, where we can lie in the shade of the sun, reading books, eating, drinking and seeing if we run out of things to talk about. 

Followed by a week exploring our own country, helping the economy, reading maps and eating as many 99s as the west coast will provide.

I'm a holiday ahead of myself, but not wishing the in between away. It's just nice to have some things to look forward to. I'll let you know when I've plans made for my autumn break... After Easter maybe?


  1. A week in Tuscany maybe? Travel by train from place to place. You can get really cheap rooms (basically one bed apartments with no kitchens) right in the middle of the best places for feck all.

    It's fierce rosemantic.


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