Drunk when sober.

Yesterday evening I met a friend after work and we wandered around the shops for a while, overspending, before going for dinner. 

A four course Spring special, that was actually five, pulled us into its clutches and we started to munch and slurp and chat our way through. 

"What is that?", she said proffering a piece of tofu, pulled out of her miso soup, "tastes like what I would imagine gelatine and wallpaper paste would taste of". "pretty sure that's what tofu is made of", I replied.

Through sichuan gyoza, sweet chilli chicken and spicy cod tempura, washed down with two diet cokes each, onto baileys cheesecake, banoffee and coffee. 

Chatting about our purchases, me worrying about the dress I had just spent far too much on spontaneously combusting and in my panic saying contaneously instead and taking some convincing that it isn't a word.

Chatting about her holidays, flight times, accommodation, restaurants, wine and whether spray on or rub in sun screen was better.

Chatting about friends and colleagues, how long it takes brown rice to cook and how to curl your hair, playing a game of would you rather, checking our shopping hadn't run away.

We left and walked to our bus stops, still babbling, high on caffeine, sugar and chat. Nearly running off with her shopping when my bus arrived suddenly as she scrambled in her purse for her fare. 

Getting on the bus and almost slurring my "1.65" before stumbling into a seat. Getting off feeling a little blurry, then remembering I hadn't had a drink.

Just full of good food, good company, chat and laughter.


  1. You did have booze, actually. It's an 'on closer inspection' thing...

  2. I only had a TASTE of HER Baileys cheesecake!!

  3. I'd rather be sober than drunk. I would appreciate it more in the end anyways. alcohol retailing


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