You could have been in a ditch!

Hmm, they didn't answer their phone, it must be upstairs. Or maybe in their coat pocket, or bag. Or maybe it's on silent? Or maybe they left it in work. Or on the bus. Or maybe it fell out of their pocket. Or they accidentally dropped it in the canal.

Or maybe they fell in the canal. Or maybe they dropped their phone on the path and went to pick it up and fell onto the road and got knocked down and their phone got run over and they were brought to the hospital but the hospital didn't know who to call because their phone was broken and and and...

Sometimes, some days, this is how my mind works.

Like the morning one of the lads in work, who was generally about three or four minutes late, didn't show up. When there was no sign of him by twenty past I texted him. No response. Then at twenty to I rang him. No answer. So I rang him again. Still nothing. He cycled to work, so I started to worry. I had him in a ditch.

About five minutes later he rang, sleepily, to tell me that he had slept in, with his phone on silent. When he arrived he pointed out that there weren't too many ditches between Ringsend and the city centre.

Or this morning when by 10.40am my manager, who had a meeting first thing in one of our other offices, hadn't shown up. She had expected to be in around 9am, but I expected her to be delayed. Odd though, that she had been delayed that much. It did say on the radio this morning that it was very windy last night. There was trees falling all over the place in Galway wasn't there? Dublin's not that far really?

So I rang the other office, and asked if anyone had seen her. I didn't need to talk to her, I just wanted to check. I had her in a ditch. However, I was reassured that she had been there not too long ago and as I put down the phone she walked in. Not a bother on her and sure why would there be?

Maybe it's my overimaginative brain, or the fact that I am turning into my mother, but this jumping to conclusions involving ditches, making my heart palpitate, stomach swirl and ears burn can't be good for me!

I need to learn how to shrug! Become one of those people who assume everything's grand, which it usually is.

But what if they are in a ditch?


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