A balanced weekend..

Last day of working solo, my old manager having left at the end of December and my new manager starting on Monday. After a long, busy but boring, two months working alone I left the building with a spring in my step. Ready for the weekend.

I walked down Grafton Street, nipping into Marks and Spencer to fill my basket full of goodies for the first weekend in a few that I will spend entirely in Dublin, and with minimal plans. 

Pastries filled with spicy chicken & chorizo and feta cheese & herb, falafel, Moroccan butternut squash parcels, chilli beef empanadas and a Greek olive selection. Carrot sticks, reduced fat houmous, half fat brie and reduced fat cheddar - fooling myself. Smoked salmon and organic Italian salad. Butter basted chicken breast with lemon and herb, extra fine asparagus, tenderstem broccoli and spuds for baking. (I did warn that food would feature around here!)

Got home, took off my coat, and piled all the food into the fridge. I'd barely finished when the doorbell rang, a rare enough occurrence in this house. I went out and saw someone in a blue and red jacket through the glass. Thinking it must be the kids from down the road looking for sponsorship I opened the door and found a woman standing there with a bunch of roses. For me. Pure spoiled.

A tidy up of house and self (and a dash over to my mother with an almost-forgotten delivery of Zloty) later and the doorbell rings again, this time expected.

The food in the fridge assigned to different parts of the weekend and beginning of next week. A couple of wood fired pizzas ordered and a bottle of wine opened. Parts of the Late Late watched (The Commitments were on!). An attempt at watching a movie we've talked about for six months only for me to fall asleep.

A lazy morning spent in bed, silence, writing and having breakfast in stages. Porridge with raisins and a huge mug of coffee, followed by a homemade scone with butter and jam.

Shortly I'll get up, do some housework, get some groceries (real food and cleaning products) and start my day properly. Possibly pop into town for a wander around the shops. Later a trip to County Swords for some dinner and wine with friends.

Return from County Swords, eat the multitude of pastry parcels while The Match is on, and I read my book. Then in the evening a roast dinner and maybe finish that blasted DVD at last.

Some me time, some us time and some them time. A good weekend, just started.


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