Good intentions.

“And so this is Christmas and what have you done”. No.
“Simply having a wonderful Christmas time”. No.
“Back to life, back to reality”. More appropriate, sure, but certainly not better. 
Today was the longest working day of my life. Well, since at least the 5th  of January 2010. Getting up to an alarm, putting on a suit that only shrunk slightly over the Christmas. Porridge with mixed berries, natural yoghurt and honey for breakfast. Packed lunch of chicken, green salad and brown bread. A healthy start to the year. 

Tap tap tap... bored. 
Luckily I have lots of good plans (if not good money) to see me through the month. A party of sorts for no reason, a weekend in London, a night away in somewhere. Hopefully these plans will give me something to write about around these parts. 

As per everyone else my Christmas involved some sort of cold / flu thing, having nightmares about eating yet more turkey and ham, eating more chocolate than I’d eaten in the previous 11 months, watching 13 or 14 episodes of The Inbetweeners and lots and lots of sitting and sleeping. Not very exciting. Enjoyable though.

Thank goodness for a short week this week. And next week and the week after. Oh yes, I very cleverly (and by cleverly I mean totally unintentionally) booked Friday of next week and Monday of the week after, to go to London for the weekend and use up some carry over days. 

By the last week of January, and my first full week of the year, I will have forgotten what it’s like to be in a constant state of fullness and sleepiness, forgotten what it’s like to forget about work, so the whole five days in a row thing will be a breeze, right?

I’ll also have eaten five portions of fruit and veg per day, one or two of fish per week, ditto red meat, only drunk alcohol at weekends, only eaten chocolate as a treat (not as a food group!), read more and ironed my clothes the night before.

Ah January.


  1. I second all of those resolutions, apart from the ironing, allergies you know!! :)


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