We are different people...

I am glad of that.

I like piña coladas and getting caught in the rain. I like sitting on my own, outside a Paris café, watching people go by. I like to ride on Jack Yeats’ horse, running blurry and colourful. I like the peace and quiet of it.

I like sitting on the couch, in my hundred-year-old tracksuit bottoms, reading a book or talking for hours about everything and nothing, or even watching an episode, for months on end. I like cooking, with real food, after hours thinking, wandering and choosing. I like walking for the walk. I like side streets and back streets. So many things.

I don’t know what a Snooki is. I don't play tennis or golf. I don’t drink, or swear, I don’t rat my hair. Sandra Dee I am not, but don’t judge me by your standards, because they are certainly not mine.

I have imagination, I cherish it, I nurture it, I feed it with wild stories of talking snails. I don’t want to grow up too far. I like to dream. I like to write. I like to watch the stars and hear the ice-cream van.

I like the internets, all of them. I like strangers, the friends I haven’t met and those I have. Even the weirdos, especially the weirdos! Difference is one of the best things life has to offer.

I am myself, and that is all I ever want to be. Our sames are as similar as our nots, but we are different people, you and I, and I am glad of that.


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