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I’m very excited. I know, I know, it’s only November. Keep calm and wait till December. I can’t help it though, I’m excited.

I accidentally started Christmas shopping a few weeks ago, when in Kildare village with my Mum. I put the few things I bought away and forgot about them, but over the last couple of day I officially started, though again somewhat accidentally.

You see, November is a busy enough month for me present wise, so I’ve spent some time in the shops. Each week I have a very important person’s birthday. One of my very best friends; followed by my godson, then my mother and then himself.

Last year was our First His Birthday, only two months into our relationship, and I was nervous. This year I’m less nervous, and have been making notes, thinking, looking and consulting with friends for the last while. With his birthday and Christmas a mere 25 days apart I’ve had to think smart, make lists and warn him not to buy anything until January.

So I’ve spent the last few weeks looking for birthday presents while jingles bell and all things red and gold assault the eyes. I managed to get most of the birthday cards bought before they all vanished behind snow scenes and open fires, though I still have three to get. Himself, and my Granny and aunt who share a birthday next week; my Granddad would’ve been 91 on the same day.

This year will be our First Christmas Living Together, and I suppose that’s really the reason I’m so excited. We’ll go our separate ways before the day itself, him heading West with me to follow after a Dublin Christmas.

Before that though I (we?) will decorate the house to an inch of its life, never leaving the Christmas tree / star-shaped (I have yet to decide which one to get) sweet plate empty of Roses. We’ll have our own mini-Christmas dinner with a turkey-for-two from Aldi, paper hats, crackers and falling asleep on the couch afterwards, only to wake up starving an hour later.

Lots of other lovely plans made; watching Home Alone while eating cheese pizza, making him watch Love Actually with me, a trip to the Christmas market, dinners and drinks with friends, and I’m not sure I was joking when I said I might just move into Nearys for the month! 

So what if it's still November, this day next month it'll be Christmas eve! So boo to your bah humbug!


  1. If I'm watching Love Actually you're watching.... ehm.... shite, I can't think of anything.

    The Goonies.


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